All the different ways to becoming Audrey…Audreyly YOU

We love audrey for so many reasons, yet those reasons all meld into one beautiful dose of resonance that our souls know to be true. It is a resonance of beauty, grace, elegance…of imperfect perfection.

(Nicole wearing Roman Holiday Scarf and Black Sandal)

We all know that no make up tutorials or even the perfect costume can make us look like the real Audrey.  Despite of our earnest efforts to imitate her iconic styles, perhaps we have never set out to imitate Audrey.  Rather, we are attempting to capture that sense of magic and imperfect perfection that our souls yearn to feel. 


(Medeleine wearing Roman Holiday Complete Set)


So, in a way, when we share this love for Audrey, we are sharing a part of our soul that feels the resonance.

(Hannah wearing Roman Holiday Skirt)


So when we created our Audrey collection, we have always set out to create pieces that both strives for the most accurate replication of the original pieces that honored what made those pieces so magical and timeless, but also leave room for our own interpretation. Because after all, we can never replicate that original essence of Givenchy, or Audrey, we only have the capacity to express that of our very own essence.




(Ariel wearing Roman Holiday Blouse, Skirt and Scarf as headband)


So we invite our fellow Audreys to show how you resonate with the “Audrey essence" inside YOU.

(Rachel wearing Roman Holiday Blouse)

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