Audrey For The Day: Modern Day Holly Golightly

I’m sure all of us have at least once wanted to raid Holly Golightly’s closet. She is the epitome of a trendy 60s New York City woman with a hint of a “trophy wife” vibe. We can say that she is glamorous, yet simple, vulnerable and yet strong - all at the same time. The same sentiments are communicated through her looks that are aesthetically so strong, but also appear very soft and feminine at moments. Her presence commands every room she walks into, but she also uses fashion as a defense mechanism from the world, as she hides behind the glamour of her demeanor.  

From her opening scene where she’s wearing the full Givenchy look to her cocktail party where she’s practically wearing a bed sheet, Holly shows us that glamour is actually an attitude. 

One of my favorite looks in the movie has to be another Givenchy number, featuring a statement-making fascinator hat and Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses. This look is definitely not for those that are shy when it comes to fashion, however this chic look can effortlessly transition into the now. 

How do you bring Holly Golightly into 2019? It’s quite simple. Find a chic black dress and over-accessorize in the best way possible! 

For my first look, I decided to go full-on Holly Golightly. Pairing the Holly Golightly Feather Hat (vegan fur of course), the Holly Iconic Tortoise Shell Sunglasses, and Holly Fringe Costume Jewelry Set, all from Utopiat. 

Yes, you don’t need to have a Givenchy budget to embody Holly Golightly. All of these amazing replicas can be found on Utopiat and are definitely budget-friendly.  

When it comes to my personal preference for accessories, I can say that I am an “earrings-obsessed girl.” I can definitely see myself wearing the pair pictured below with practically everything. In the wise words of Holly Golightly: “You could always tell what kind of a person a man thinks you are by the earrings he gives you.” (…and these speak volumes.)

This is definitely a nighttime look because of the glam aspect of the feather hat. It’s an iconic outfit because it marks the moment where Holly reunites with her secret husband Fred and at the same time with greets her past. It’s definitely a “meet your ex-husband and show him you’re doing great” kind of an outfit. Honestly wearing this outfit out will definitely make you say: “Quel night!”

As for a more of a daytime kind of look, I decided to keep the jewelry and the iconic sunnies. Pairing them with an outfit that I would wear daily. It still captures Holly Golightly essence, with a modern twist. (Told you these earrings go with everything!) And of course, I had to add the yummiest accessories of all and Holly personal favorites: a cup of coffee and a croissant.

Honestly, being Holly Golightly for a day is something I could get used to. It gave me a new kind of confidence and fearlessness that’s definitely familiar to Holly. In her wise words: “Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot.” So I guess I owe Holly Golightly.  

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