we realized early on as a budding e commerce brand that has been slowly but maturely expanding, the importance of figuring out the most effective packaging system that is in line with our company’s creative and ethical ideal.

especially as a small, independent brand, there are many facets we must take into consideration, from cost efficiency, to logistical ease and merchandise protection, to aesthetic presentation and most importantly, the most environmentally responsible option we can find. we have made a lot of efforts in researching and trial and erroring our way to improve our carbon footprint value along the way.

this is why it is upsetting, and at the same time bewildering, to see companies, but especially large scale operations with abundant resources that utilize packaging systems seemingly counter intuitive in every which way, as what we have observed in the case of

this photo was taken when jasmine received a few packages for an order of some dog food and toilet paper, which are not easily damaged items. it was shocking to see the amount of paper used to fill up these under-filled boxes. while we take comfort in the fact that more paper is used instead of plastic, the frivolousness displayed was nonetheless incomprehensible from where we stand.

to us it is these seemingly insignificant details of how a company chooses to show up in this consumer culture that defines the soul and ethical compass of who they are. because when we engage as part of the current consumer culture, what all of us, but especially larger scale players like can really stand to influence our environment for better or for worst.

what good is it when we make the responsible consumer decision to purchase ethical and eco friendly products from these large e commerce platforms when the distribution channel chooses such irresponsible methods of delivering these products to us? so until improves such practices, we will not be buying or selling from them.

we are happy to report we are now recycling these precious papers when packaging our orders and jasmine is using the cardboard boxes to create artwork this weekend. because we heart our#treefriends and because we always have the power to transmute through our own actions and decision making what we what to see shifting in our collective experience.


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