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The weekend is upon us, and the full moon known as this year’s harvest moon will rise tonight and will be shaded by a subtle lunar eclipse. This pisces full moon eclipse is here to dissolve what holds us apart from spirit and our true self.

as we are guided by the tremendously powerful energies of the new moon, let us let go, forgive, and surrender to the call of love. 

let us allow this divine transformation to take place as we step out of our shadow past and dive into a new beginning where we will be grounded in love, where we will be called to share our true essences with the world.

because the world needs more of us to step into our authentic power. because we are all gods in chrysalis waiting to leap out of our confining cocoons.

just ask Poe, as she exemplifies such graceful authenticity stretching out on our Supreme Lotus-the Premium Eco Mat/Towel Combination Mat.

Poe the cat acquired her supreme taste in yoga mats from utopiat ambassador and cat mama @aprilramee

photography by the talented @dougsanfordphotographs

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