Love and Sex

Possibly one of the most fascinating, certainly primitive human conditions that beckons to be continuously examined within each of our personal paradigms.

Despite of how society throughout history has tried to intervene such uncontainable matters within religious, moral and even scientific limitations, most of us can agree based on our own experiences that things somehow always manage to get incredibly messy when it comes to matters of the heart and sexual desire.

it seems that each society tends to hold one particular set of standards in defining the proper etiquette to love and sex, that is supposedly applicable for all members of the said society, which has, by large, failed miserably.

but regardless of what school of thoughts we fall within the widely sprung spectrum of views on human sexuality, romantic love and sexual attraction undoubtedly overpowers almost all other primal human desires that fuels our collective experience. it is the one subject matter that inspires our human evolution in all its creative capacity, and it is the one thing we all crave and wish to hold.

as a 30 something chinese american woman who’s worked relentlessly to break free from being defined and confined within two social standards, carving out my own perspective on love and exploring my sexuality has been a relished, ongoing journey. this is why i couldn’t resist dissecting this part of our human experience deeply within the utopiat space.

the utopiat vision is one that invites sincere, unbiased inquiry of all subject matters relating to our collective experience. in the area of love and sex, we want to open the dialogue to challenge the standardized notion that there’s a right or wrong way to express our love and sexuality. today, we begin this inquiry with this piece written by utopiat contributor Todd Vickers whose work on human sexuality has been widely published and someone i consider a true pioneer in leading the discussion with non judgement but rather honesty surrounding the topic.

"5 Reasons to Question Monogamy", 1st published on Elephant Journal by Todd Vickers on Aug 27, 2015

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