Love Light Festival

Last weekend our utopiat ambassador the lovely @aprilrameecreated this #magical space at @lovelightfestival where she served a variety of herbal #remedies from@antleralchemy.

although we weren't able to make it to the #festival, we did send our love through with the yoga mats and towels from our "#lotus - an eco yoga mat and towel collection celebrating the artwork of Bhaman Farzad" to add beauty and healing energy for the space.

the process of creating what we believe to be a game changing, #holistic #yogacollection is ongoing and daunting. while we are at ease with the pace of it all the universe guides us to take, we can hardly wait to connect with and participate in the yoga community around the world to push the spread of #love, #light and healing forward. because #humanity.

we are grateful to have creative and powerful souls like april to play with in #manifesting our utopiat vision where#beauty, #healing and unity becomes our reality.

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