Making Our Audrey’s Dreams Come True One Product at a Time

Congrats to Elenisse (ins account:@elenisse1985) for winning our “I am an Audrey” photo contest! You look amazing in our Miu - the Holiday Hat! You are especially deserving  of winning this contest because YOU were the inspiration for us to create this product!

Did you know that we take many of our inspirations for new Audrey products from our fellow Audreys? Elenisse was one of our customers from our Etsy days who made the suggestion for us to make a summer version of the iconic Holly Oversized Wool Hat, we loved the idea and came up with the Miu Holiday Hat.


Funnily when we told Elenisse about Miu’s launch, she told us that she meant for us to make a summer hat that looks exactly like the wool hat, in black. We also loved that idea, and so the very first Miu Holiday Hat in Black is on its way to us for sample approval.

So darling Elenisse, now you can use this gift card towards the Miu - the Holiday Hat in Black in the near future!

The moral of the story is, if you have any unfulfilled Audrey wishes that need to come true, be sure to let us know, because you just never know if your wishes will become our command<3 

xoxo and happy Monday!

Join us in our “I am an Audrey” photo contest and spread “Audrey loveliness” all over!  Tag us in your pictures (of you wearing any of our Audrey products) for a chance to win a $50 gift card!

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