New Year's greeting from Utopiat

Wow 2017, you have been quite a year. 
We bid adieu to some fellow Utopiats who’s been here since the beginning of our journey whose tireless efforts have made us who we are today, and welcomed amazing new members to our little Utopiat family that have pushed our mission forward with fresh energy and passion.
Even though we had to put the product development of our all natural yoga collection on hold while jasmine welcomed Utopiat baby Ailuz (Ai for love in mandarin Chinese and luz for light in Spanish) into the world, we are endlessly grateful for the exceptional growth and expansion we have experienced this year. 
In addition to successfully launching 6 new products to our founding Audrey collection, which has grown 3 times in sales this year compared to last, we have also expanded our global marketplace to Japan and Mexico. 
Although we have not had the bandwidth to promote the lotus yoga mats we are so proud to have launched last year, we have had such great feedback from the customers who resonated with the product despite of our lack of marketing efforts which is so gratifying and reassuring that we have made something special. we can’t wait to fully unleash their magic as we launch our yoga collection in 2018.
In the coming year, our Utopiat mission will take a significant leap as we will be returning to the remote cities in China where our production comrades await us to co create the hyper eco conscious and ethical production process to unveil our now expanded inner truth collection to include yoga, baby and maternity wear made with all natural fibers and plant base dye to showcase the "beautiful side of made in china”. 
Here is to a wondrous 2018 to our fellow Utopiats as we embark on a new chapter of the journey in seeking truth and beauty.
Om shanti and wishing love and happiness for all<3

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