On why Audrey Hepburn is the Quintessential Halloween Inspiration for the Modern day Women…by a woman whose entire destiny unfolded after watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

I believe there are 2 types of women in the world, one that has watched breakfast at tiffany’s and inevitably falls deeply in love with the enchantment and the aesthetics of the film and those who either haven’t watched the film or somehow were not inspired by watching it.

I say that because I am a deep believer in the power of Audrey Hepburn's inspiration. And I believe that we are constantly drawing inspiration from the books we read, the music we listen to and, of course, the films we resonate with. And to resonate with what Audrey Hepburn represented in her numerous iconic onscreen roles, from Holly Golightly of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, to Princess Ann of Roman Holiday, etc, is to resonate with timeless beauty that is not defined by trend, a beauty that is so true it stems from the inside out and can not be shaken or denied by time or space. This is why that decades after the film was made, Holly Golightly costume is still so sought after by women across generation from all over the world each Halloween season. 
I credit this resonance to how my destiny unfolded after seeing BAT for the first time in 2011, and my up to that point sheltered, uninspired soul lit up at the magical sensibilities displayed in the film. Having immigrated to the US at 13 from a middle class, post cultural revolution Communist Chinese upbringing, where the color gray dominated my childhood devoid of much whimsy or romanticism, I was entirely enchanted by the glamour and beauty portrayed by Audrey that the flood gate blew open for my search for beauty of that scale. 
My desire for the sleep set complete with tuxedo shirt, and the most darling eye mask and tassel earplugs, the oversized wool hat, the glamorous cigarette holders and of course the black dress with all the dazzling accessories from the opening scene prompted me to embark on a tireless journey searching online for replicates. To my disappointment, what I found were largely low quality effort from massive halloween stores or small DIY attempts from etsy that just didn’t do justice in capturing the magical essence I wanted to recreate for myself. Thus began the Utopiat journey in recreating such sacred enchantment that I knew I was not alone in its yearning. 
I didn’t set out to become rich from the journey, I simply followed a yearning that was too deep to be ignored. This yearning carried me through challenges and hardships along the way. Whether it’s weathering the storms small brands face in this hostile business environment, or endless failed R&D in our attempt to study and recreate the genius and unpredictable design details from the master costume makers referencing only from old photos and movie clips, I’m grateful that there are enough Fellow Audreys in the world that has supported this journey. 
What really surprised me was how much Audrey Hepburn serves as an inspiration for so many women, especially during Halloween season. In a world where pop culture defined beauty standard comes and fades in the blink of an aye, where fast and furious is how most people prefer to live, I delight in the fact that there are enough modern day women who recognizes and resonates with this sacred magic that is transmuted across time through the legacy of Audrey Hepburn. When endless cheap options to dress as a overly sexualized, often marginalized sexist costume overwhelms our costume choices, I am grateful that more and more women each year chooses to be an Audrey.
I believe one of Utopiat’s mission is to inspire such recognition and resonance of a beauty that is timeless and undeniable, and to see it passed down from one generation to the next. This is why we take such pride in launching our Mommy and Mini Audrey Collection this year, featuring 2 of the most iconic styles for the “Mini Audreys in Training”. Because timeless beauty from the inside out can serve as  nourishment in our otherwise dark and dense world. 
So this Halloween, let us take pride in showcasing our modern Audrey Hepburn style with our costume choices and light up this world with true elegance.
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