Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named kimberly.

kimberly likes to do yoga in pretty yoga clothes lovingly made with natural plants.

when kimberly is not doing yoga, or dancing or playing with her animals and plants and human friends, she likes to take faraway trips to distant lands where she can fill her eyes with pretty colors and shapes and textures that make her heart sing.

our lovely customer-turned model Kimberly is wearing:

Halter - the romper: made with #organic#hemp and cotton fiber, hand-dyed with ban lan gen, a chinese medicinal herb with abundant #healing properties. Non-bleached and zero toxic chemicals.

Twisted - the headband: made from scrap #fabric used to make the romper.#natural color, no bleach, from our zero waste design collection.

#whimsical and #enchanting #artwork by belgian artist Gremmelprez Marie@tourbillonscreatifs007.

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