though we have an insatiable hunger for the luminous, sensual teachings of #rumi, we just adore the luscious words of the sufi mystic hafiz.

we just recently learnt of an interesting comparison by the great story teller and teacher michael meade on the difference between the two sufi greats.

he says that if there are three layers of human consciousness, where the first layer represents the current, mostly unawakened state where darkness prevails, rumi would be in the second layer where he strives for the light, hafiz on the other hand would be in the third layer where he's in the light and only occasionally remembers the dark.

to us there is gold and milk in all the great teachings and ancient wisdom we are lucky enough to have access to. it is from these other dimensional levels of understandings of truth and beauty that we hope to move through our collective experience, and to carry our humanity through the turmoil and chaos of the modern society.

it is the utopiat hope that we can build a collective space where we can come together to ponder, explore and live out such teachings that connects us to the divine.

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