The Metamorphosis of "Made in China"

hudiefly is a revolutionary "made in china" concept designed to shift the current stigmatized state of chinese manufacturing. through the production of the utopiat designs, hudiefly will document and pioneer a path for the world to soon be able to embrace a kinder, truthful and beautiful production process. it is the goal of utopiat to one day extend this revolution worldwide.

hudiefly is reviving the long-lost glory and beauty of china's lush history, buried deep beneath a tangle of ego politics and manmade warfare for far too long. we are eradicating the global stigma of "made in china," rejuvenating it with the greatness and richness it deserves.

because "made in china" and unethical, unnatural production need not go hand-in-hand. there is a way to transcend this twisted system and it's as simple and liberating as shedding the superficiality of corporate, mainstream fashion and embodying the soul's calling. with transparency, sincerity, and passion, we can shift this chaotic paradigm and resurrect fashion as it was meant to be: as a craft; as an art that heals, touches, and moves.

this planet we live on is holy and hurting. we may not be able to heal it completely, but we have the power to ease its pain. with our natural dye collection, we hope to show the world the ability to create clothing without destroying both the environment and the well-being of fast fashion factory workers. our collection is made with all natural, raw, organic hemp-cotton, hand-sewn by experienced craftsmen and craftswomen in guangzhou province and hand-dyed at our partnered pioneer plant-based dye factory in a remote mountainous village of yunnan province. our dyes are derived from traditional chinese herbs like isatis tinctoria (woad) that heal the body inside and out, making use of plants that may be considered "invasive" on this side of the world. we'll show the voice of the other side, where the artisans of weishan, china celebrate woad for its rich, deep colors and gorgeous symbolism of the tranquil state of the natural world. the dye patterns from this collection originate from the bai tradition, with the designs depicting themes spanning from the growth patterns of flowers and trees to sacred geometric patterns to buddhist and taoist symbolism.

it is our belief that in pre-industrialized societies, handmade craftsmanship was celebrated and passed down from generation to generation. in these times, one was able to realize their individual destiny, pouring their pride and dignity into their craft and creating products incomparable to today's quality standard. post-industrialization, people no longer specialized in a craft or trade and that earnestness from another time vanished at the hands of mass production and corporate greed. because our economy could not (and would not) sustain such raw and genuine intentions on a large, profitable scale. still, we are bringing back this revered movement of the handmade: emblems of craftsmanship and skill, of care and compassion -- of truth and beauty.

but our mission is massive. this is only the beginning.

we’re waking into the current “made in china” at its rock bottom. "made in china" has become such a stigmatized concept that much of the world has turned its back to the once glorious manufacturing kingdom. our beloved comrades, from our manufacturing partner in guangzhou to our dye factory partner in yunnan to our organic textile supplier, are all struggling within this existing system that is not only unsustainable, but collapsing as a whole. nonetheless, they admirably refuse to sell their souls or to take the easy way out, despite having had to make many sacrifices along the way. they are putting things on the line to do what they believe in, no matter the risk. but they can only do the best they can within the current system and that is why it is of vital importance that we stand with them and together work toward creating solutions to transform their reality towards a positive direction.

we are grateful to have manifested this core group of comrades who share our vision and, despite our current tiny size, have committed their support with the belief that our sincerity, talents, and passion will be able to manifest a powerful impact towards a better “made in china.”

our mission is by no way easy, simple, or neatly fitted. it’s complex, arduous, and so deep-rooted, we must continue to dig. we are both idealists and realists at the same time and we believe that the two should not be mutually exclusive. our goal is to bring the ideal into our reality through the creativity and resilience of the inner kings and queens within each of us, and this reality is our kingdom to manifest. it is soul necessity at war with the ego of fashion, fame, money, and notoriety. it is true and honest intention confronting mindless consumption.

we will redefine what it truly means to be "made in china." we will produce a genuinely eco-friendly and holistic brand where the production process is filled with love and light, devoid of violence towards its makers and the ecosystem. we hope more like-minded comrades and companions will vibrate towards us and our mission. together, we will pioneer and awaken a revolution. the world is calling us, and we feel the innate urge to answer that call.

we invite you to embark on this journey with us as we document our project and process. we will shift the energy of "made in china" and show the world that it can be beautiful, ethical, and truly kind to the environment. we are hudiefly, and this is the metamorphosis of "made in china."

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