Utopiat music curation - I'm the Slime

Song: Frank Zappa and The Mothers - "I'm the Slime"

Artist: Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
Album: Over-Nite Sensation
Label: Discreet

Here at Utopiat, we hope to use any and all #creative platforms to inspire a shift in our collective experience towards love. We aim to curate rare, under-discovered tracks that are almost always #underground, counter popular culture and written from a place of #love and truth.

Zappa is known to this day in the musical world, as a virtuoso in guitar, songwriting and performance.

With the musicianship and accomplished performers he partnered with throughout the years, Zappa could easily have achieved a high degree of commercial success.

Instead, he chose his musical avenue of delivery to speak out about issues that no one else would want to even contemplate.

It was this type of "rebellious" performance that gave Zappa a platform to inform his true message, not simply one of "entertainment”.

In 1973, Frank Zappa and the Mothers (of Invention) released a provocative, forward thinking, commentary on society entitled, "I'm the Slime", a single from their 1973 album "Overnight Sensation".

Because of it's radically unconventional lyrical content, the now-seminal album, was not particularly well received.

Tina Turner and the Ikettes provided amazing backing-vocal performances on this song.

After Tina's abusive ex-husband Ike Turner heard the recordings, he exclaimed, "What is this shit?" and insisted that Mrs. Turner not be credited for their musical contribution…

In a sarcastic, darkly-humorous manner, Zappa criticizes the media's grip on society, a message that is extremely relevant today.

Ignorance to agenda-specific media output, leads to giving up the freedom of our minds. To progress as a world, we must always question what we are told, regardless of the avenue of delivery.

This #MusicMonday post was curated and written by an Utopiat friend, the shamanic dj/producer Alex Gardel: http://bit.ly/29Qjukg

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