Yogamat Packaging

Front and back design for our#yogamat packaging,

being sent off to our supply partner who’s hard at work hand-printing our first small batch of production as we speak.

launching this yoga collection has been such a labor of love for the utopiat journey in each and every way. we wanted to bring forth into the world a product line that is in alignment with the#sacred practice of yoga, where #truthand #beauty, strength and fluidity becomes one and the same.

just like anything we do here at utopiat, each tiny, seemingly non-important detail has been thoughtfully contemplated until we have what we believe is the best, most #holistic solution possible at each step of creating a product.

printed on 100% #recycled paper and water-based ink, which increased our packaging cost by 1/3, we requested our supplier not to use plastic in packaging our mats, instead, we will be using #raw#hemp strings to help secure our mats in transit. because we believe #consciousdesign and production can help shift our#collective experience here on earth.

graphic design by our lifetime utopiat ninja Phoebe Doan and amazing intern @alexanevivet who came all the way from France to help us realize our utopiat vision <3

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