Sleep Eye Cover

The iconic and absolutely unforgettable sleep eye mask worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's is the reason that the Utopiat journey began. To Jasmine, the beauty, enchantment and magic expressed through this unique design is simply not of this familiar reality, but rather, inspired an entirely different way of creating wearable and functional beauty. To us, it is a design masterpiece. The vivid beauty, humor and imagination expressed through this eye mask opened the doorway of an unique design perspective that inspired Jasmine to seek and create such enchantment for herself and shared it with the world. We have made painstaking efforts to recreate the same level of beauty and magic with our interpretation of the original Givenchy masterpiece. We use the highest quality, eco materials and have created this eye mask in a rainbow of lovely colors aside from the iconic tiffany color, along with matching earplugs. This eye mask is both lovely and functional and make for the very best gift to encourage the ultimate beauty sleep.