Utopiat Story

Beginning with our Audrey Collection, inspired by the iconic styles of the late Audrey Hepburn, Utopiat was able to create an exclusive, largely handmade collection that celebrates timelessness that is not trend based. Our second collection is an all natural healthy yoga collection that uses all natural plant fibers and medicinal herbal dyes, including products that use zero harsh chemicals to retain the beneficial properties of healing plants such as bamboo and hemp. Utopiat aims to create items that heal inside and out while pioneering a path for the world to embrace a kinder, truthful, and ethical production process. In addition, we are working on creating a physical space within the Washington DC area where we will incorporate a curated retail space for healthy, beautiful, ethically made products with a holistic wellness center along with a multi-medium creative space for hosting workshops and charity events to facilitate our mission.


The target market for Utopiat spans across four main market segments: alternative fitness consumers, holistic enthusiasts, art patrons, and buyers of vintage and handmade products. These consumers represent a strong buying block made up of consumers whose tastes tend to overlap across all of these segments. Washington D.C. and its environs are home to a discerning and highly selective consumer base, whose increasing demand for healthy, organic, holistic, and alternative lifestyle products are currently not being met. We also sell our lifestyle and fashion products on different market places such as Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon Europe (including UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain), Amazon Mexico, Amazon Japan, Amazon Australia, eBay, storenvy, Houzz, and different onsite locations and the Chinese market. Utopiat aims to become the first of its kind platform to host healthy products and services under one roof. We are planning on leveraging the public dataset and business dataset including Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System data, US Census data, and Utopiat Consumer Survey dataset to better understand our target group. In additional, we are also tracking our website data by using Google Analytics to improve our website in order to provide a better service to our consumers. Last but not least, we also plan to use better CRM system to maintain our sales systems.