I am an Audrey Guest Blog

We are so excited to introduce a brand new I am an Audrey Column on our website blog! We created this blog series as a part of our I am an Audrey community building efforts, in hopes to better connect with our lovely fellow Audreys.

As we continue to grow our beloved Audrey collection, aka the founding collection of our Utopiat vision, we are so thrilled to have met so many fellow Audreys from all walks of life across the world and across generations. 
We decided to invite some of them to write about our mutual love of all things Audrey and allow us the chance to ask and answer each other’s questions in order get to know each other better. 
To kick off this series, we worked with Patricia, who has a blog called xxx. Take a look at her Q&A with Utopiat founder Jasmine and her tips on how we can “Audreyfie” our wardrobe this season.