We Are Utopiat

You have found Utopiat: a gathering place for like-minded souls who are seeking relentlessly for deep truth, beauty, and wisdom. The Utopiat lifestyle is one that is lived holistically, truthfully and beautifully. A utopiat consumer is someone who deeply cares about ethics as well as aesthetics, like us. This planet we call home is holy and hurting, a Utopiat makes every attempt to ease its pain. We are dreamers and dream seekers, we are dancers and poets and stardusts. We are intellectually curious, spiritually insatiable, and physically fluid. 

Our essence:

Utopiat is a movement, a platform, a “lifestyle brand” to encourage revolution within our current system. We are a centralized platform for content that is creative, ethical, holistic, spiritual and intellectual. We are a marketplace for soulfully crafted products designed with passion and made with compassion for their makers and the ecosystem. We are both caring creators as well as careful curators with a conscientious goal of inspiring participation in innovative, world-shifting missions.

Utopiat is not a place where you judge us and one another based on numbers of likes, followers, or anything else that untruthfully defines worthiness and popularity in our current society. This is a place where we come to shed and heal from all of these worldly illusions; this is where we remember and become who we really are.

We will be working with artists, healers, farmers, thinkers and doers whose visions resonate with ours to create an online space where like minded, kindred spirits can gather to find inspirations, products and information that promotes a holistic, beautiful and meaningful lifestyle. 

We don’t have all the answers, far from it. We are here because our collective need for truth and to be an active agent for change is too great to ignore. We are here to seek and present beauty and truths with integrity and sincerity, without the confinements of certainty and judgment.

We are inclusive, not exclusive. We are looking to pave a path of light amidst the darkness of today’s reality. The journey is ongoing and inquisitive, challenging, and imperfect. But to us, embarking on it is not an option; it is our soul’s calling.

Our vision:

We believe that how we create and consume things in the world holds significant power in determining the state of our collective experience. Global Industrialization and the subsequent consumer pop culture has produced tremendously detrimental results within our ecological and sociological environment that ignited a deterioration of humanity. This is why we decided to enter this revolution through the commerce “window” that will pave the way of a more holistic road-map to reshape everything we must change.

Our journey:

We are initiating this journey with an independent project named Hudiefly, through which we are peeling away the layers of hidden truths behind the stigmatized and oftentimes misconstrued “Made in China” concept, shifting it into a sustainable, ethical way of producing. We are igniting a revolution to metamorphose the concept of “Made in China,” stripping it of its negative connotations and replacing it with the reverence of centuries of rich culture, lush art, and ancient, holistic production techniques to create our products.

Beginning with our Audrey Collection, inspired by the iconic styles of the late Audrey Hepburn, we have created an exclusive, largely hand made collection that celebrates timelessness that are not trend based. Instead, we are promoting a truer, more meaningful definition of beauty and glamour that influences our perceptions across generations. Through this collection, we have ignited a global movement coined “Iamanaudrey” which unites women all over the world who share a reverence for true beauty that shines from within.

Our second, upcoming collection is an all natural yoga collection named Inner Truth. Using all natural, plant fibers and medicinal herbal dyes, Hudiefly is making products that uses zero harsh chemicals to retain the beneficial properties of healing plants such as bamboo and hemp. We aim to create items that heal inside and out while pioneering a path for the world to embrace a kinder, truthful, and ethical production process in China. It is the goal of Utopiat to one day extend this revolution across the world.

Our future:

Although as a tiny, self funded start up, realizing such a grandiose vision is certainly difficult and challenging, but as we consistently march forth to our destiny, we are manifesting visions, downloads, soulmates and divine opportunities that keep us going no matter what the road block may be. 

At the same time, we are manifesting a physical space within the Washington DC area where we can combine our passion for farming cultivating flowers to raise bee hives and monarch butterflies, with our unique vision to showcase a holistic lifestyle. We will incorporate a curated retail space for beautiful, ethically made products with a holistic wellness center along with a multi medium creative space where we can also use to host workshops and events to facilitate our mission. 

Together we will build a Utopia so brilliantly, so breathtakingly beautiful, that truth and wonderment and fairytales will become our very own reality.

We invite you to dream, join, and manifest this Utopiat with us.

Read about our inspiration "Audrey - the Utopiat Muse" here.