Kuan Yin, The Teacher

“Every moment I shape my destiny with a chisel, I am a carpenter of my own soul.” – rumi

the hudiefly journey is a soulful manifestation of destiny. it is our belief that each of us is born with a destined mission in which our unique genius is honored and our inner kingdom is actualized. it is through the self-actualization process we each fulfill our mission on this life journey to shift our humanity towards light, towards love. if we stay open and connected to the cosmic guidance and wisdom, we will inevitably come to a crossroad in life where we can choose to answer the call of destiny.


when jasmine founded hudiefly in 2012, with zero training or background in the fashion industry, she simply followed an intuition, an urge to answer the call. without an immediate clarity to why she was guided to the hudiefly path, the brand went through several metamorphoses as we struggled to find meaning amidst the fast fashion chaos. but through relentless spiritual seeking and growth, jasmine was given clear guidance and message from her numerous spiritual teachers: that the chinese goddess kuan yin has chosen her to help shift the energy of china.


ever since, kuan yin has been the primary guiding energy for hudiefly’s path. this photo was taken during the last production trip when jasmine was unexpectedly shown a breathtaking kuan yin temple en route to our dye factory and where she spent hours basking in the nurturing energy of the sacred goddess, feeling incredibly uplifted and empowered after.

the hudiefly mission is big and challenging, but with kuan yin on our side, we tread this path with faith and in ease. may we all find our other dimensional guide and trust the journey to realize our destinies.


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