Alchemy with Mr. Xiong

The utopiat + hudiefly brand story is one that is counter-industrialization.

The utopiat + hudiefly brand story is one that is counter-industrialization. it is meant to inspire a revolution, where dreamers and dream seekers can come together and make visions and dreams into realities that shape our world, armed with nothing but sincere passion and ingenious resourcefulness.

As a tiny, self-funded startup with nothing but relentless, soul-stemming visions destined for one woman’s journey, it is a true blessing that we have manifested our small-scale, non-industrialized production partners who, despite a lack of financial gains, have committed to exploring and supporting all of our colorful, crazy visions so they have a chance at becoming a beautiful reality.

As we wrap up our natural dye color design for our 16-product yoga collection for our 3rd round of sample-making, we remember fondly of when during our first trip to our dye factory, with no prior knowledge of how the process works, we were clueless as to what was and was not possible. mr. xiong, the lead color alchemist, patiently and enthusiastically helped us figure out ways to create dye patterns that were not done before, such as when jasmine had a crazy idea of incorporating a “dyed necklace” around the collar of our tees. mr. xiong came up with the innovative technique and helped us execute the vision step-by-step.

Though, with such limited working capital, we are only planning to bring our basic color palette into market in our first collection, we can hardly wait to play with our comrades to realize all of our colorful visions in future collections.

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