The utopiat ideal is one that is rooted in #love. the concept of love has been diluted to such extraordinary distortion by #society, confining it with terms and conditions we are programmed to follow. most of us find ourselves filled with #confusion and#illusion struggling to hold its very#essence as we navigate our life#journey.

it is when we look deep within, that we realize the essence of love is an #innerjourney, one that takes lifetimes to practice and we may never #perfect. but it is when we are able to finally hold that love for ourselves, will we be able to hold true #power in loving others.

some of us are fortunate to have#soulmates who help us #ignite this inner love, which can also seduce us into an outward reliance. but it is important for us to remember that through all that we must experience in our journey, we must always first and foremost care for that inner #space where true love exists.

because #humanity depends on all of us finding enough inner love so we can share our #unique and #brilliant light with others.

this is the utopiat #mantra.

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