Yoga Goddess

It’s a constantly awe-inspiring journey to witness how the #universeunfolds, as we are given so many clues and guidances in our journey to realize our destiny.

jasmine came upon this yoga goddess art installation last summer during the venice biennial, which she stopped by to visit a friend’s art exhibit en route to our very first production trip to China kicking off the hudiefly project for our holistic yoga collection.

prior to finally manifesting this dream of creating the world’s most holistic yoga collection, jasmine has been gathering inspirations and receiving “downloads” from the universe through various guides, angels, ascended masters and plant teachers intensely since 2012.
the vision of creating a lifestyle brand that would produce meaningful products combining ethics and esthetics in supporting a spiritual yet well lived lifestyle has been seeping through her every pore.

shortly before embarking upon this luminous meditation goddess art installation, jasmine has been given a download from one of her most powerful spiritual teachers Kuan Yin to create a “Goddess meditation collection”, featuring a lotus meditation pillow and meditation clothing that is sensual and glamorous yet natural and healing, so when she came upon this artistic expression similar to what she received in her download the validation of the vision took her breath away.

although as a tiny start up company we only have enough funds to produce the yoga collection which we are still working to unveil in the next 2 months, we have already been designing and testing out prototypes for our meditation collection which we hope to launch after our yoga collection find its bearing.

in addition to the lotus meditation pillow, we will also be unveiling a chakra aligning meditation kimono and a line of crystal meditation jewelry as well as 100% natural incense made from Chinese and Ayurveda medicines as well as artisanal incense holders.

the journey of creating a holistic lifestyle brand has been infinitely challenging and simultaneously rewarding, and we can’t wait to see what other inspirations the universe will throw our way, this is the utopiat destiny<3

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