The Burning Man

Burning man 2016 ended yesterday. Although we were not able to participate this year, the utopiat vision is infinitely inspired by the ideals that is culminated by the burning man culture.

In some ways, it was during the 2013 burning man experience that the utopiat vision became a part of our reality.

At the time, jasmine has only began her spiritual seeking and was given the utopiat vision but without much tangible guidances.

Although the vision felt so intensely poignant, she had little reassurance, not to mention feeling utterly powerless in navigating its manifestation.

But on that night in 2013, as jasmine put a “ prayer token” gifted to her by a fellow burner dressed as an “angel” on the hollow, copper alter in the center of the temple that was to be burned down the very next day, she asked the universe to give her a sign whether the utopiat vision is meant for her to realize as her destiny. immediately Jasmine started to shake uncontrollably as an electric energy ran though her entire body. She was overwhelmed by the reassuring message from the universe that the Utopiat vision is one that is supported and guided for the collective good of humanity. The immense sense of gratitude, humility and love that was transfused into Jasmine solidified her determination to always do her best in honoring this mission.

The burning man experience is magical and healing on so may levels. More than any other sub cultures, it has permeated a sense of “utopia” that is made possible by the limitless human potential to create, love and unite.

The utopiat vision shares so many common ideals that defines the burning man culture:
- radical inclusion
- gifting
- decommodification
- radical self-reliance
- radical self-expression
- communal effort
- civic responsibility
- leaving no trace
- participation
- immediacy

As we slowly but definitely move forward to creating our very own “utopiat”, we hope to have an annual company trip to burning man where we will heal and inspire one another and ourselves in building that collective utopia we all long for. #believe

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