Utopiat music curation - Chill In Chill Out

Song: "Chill In Chill Out"

Artist: Tetsu Inoue

Album: Organic Cloud

Year: 1995

Here at Utopiat, we hope to use any and all #creative platforms to inspire a shift in our collective experience towards love. We aim to curate rare, under-discovered tracks that are almost always#underground, counter popular culture and written from a place of #love and truth.

In 1986, Tokyo-native Tetsu Inuoe moved to New York, where he helped pioneer a new form of contemporary, minimalist ambient music, which has had a profound impact upon listeners and artists alike. Collaborations have included artists such as Atom Heart (Uwe Schmidt), Jonah Sharp and Pete Namlook.

Inspired by pop, psychedelic rock and experimental #electronic music, Inoue's signature ambient sound, is derived from his recordings of real-world sounds, ambiances and other non-traditional musical sources, such as doors shutting, animal sounds and urban environments...

With the ability to find beauty, in sounds that would normally dismissed as "insignificant" or "noise" in our world, Inoue's psychedelic fusion of organic and electronic elements is emotively transcendental.

"Chill In Chill Out" (from second album, Organic Cloud), slowly builds up, then breaks down layers of tranquil, subtle movements.

…The resulting 10 minute piece of various voices, cavernous environments and textures, evokes a deep state of peace and interconnectedness.

This #MusicMonday post was curated and written by an Utopiat friend, the shamanic dj/producer Alex Gardel: http://bit.ly/29Qjukg

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