Utopiat music curation - DB

Song: "DB"
Artist: Microworld
Music URL: https://youtu.be/PnYb-y-N32c
Year: 2002
Label: Catalog./Transmat Japan 
Cat#: CATCD#004

Here at Utopiat, we hope to use any and all #creative platforms to inspire a shift in our #collective experience towards love. We aim to curate #rare,#underdiscovered tracks that are almost always #underground, counter popular culture and written from a place of #loveand #truth.

In 2002, #Scottish artist "Philip McGarva, A.K.A. "#Microworld", released a deep movement, entitled, "DB" (taken from the self-titled album, "Microworld").

The song's melody and #flow, is built upon the singing of young children, expressing love and #presence

It is truly a magical piece, reminding us of the #beauty and #innocence of our youth.

Children have a purity to them, devoid of the ego that can consume lives in adulthood.

We can learn much from their divine voices, hearts and souls.

Let us keep that sense of peace and playfulness in the forefront of our intentions.

With this kind of practice, anything is possible. All one has to do is to #dreamdeeply…and follow those dreams wholeheartedly, to completion...

This #MusicMonday post was curated and written by an Utopiat friend, the shamanic dj/producer Alex Gardel: http://bit.ly/29Qjukg

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