Utopiat music curation - Jewe

Song: "Jewe"

Artist: Babatunde Olatunji and Mickey Hart's "Planet Drum" Ensemble
Music URL: https://youtu.be/iqPUgcb3VLc
Year: 1991
Label: Rykodisc
Cat number: RCD 80206

Here at Utopiat, we hope to use any and all #creative platforms to inspire a shift in our collective experience towards love. We aim to curate rare, under-discovered tracks that are almost always#underground, counter popular culture and written from a place of #love and truth.

"Jewe", was composed by Nigeria's Babatunde Olatunji. The entire performance was done by five men, slapping on their chests and #chanting. No other musical instruments were used.

The divinity of their souls, is being transmuted through a sacred, rhythmic pulse. This #rhythm carries an infinite power not reliant to anything external. It is like the heartbeat, an anchor to our physical existence. It is a primal, instinctive expression that connects us to the #divinity within.

#Humans are indeed great by #nature

…However, most have lost their greatness, because of a constant preoccupation with the external world and physical attachments.

While we are full and perfect with #Light, many of us still vainly seek for the "Fulfillment", from external factors.

Even things like work, schools, organizations and entertainment are simply a means of livelihood. They do not bring us anything that is of true, lasting value to humankind.

Our perfection within can be experienced through the practice of meditation, where we become fully contented.

There is a divine Light within each of us, which burns as the flame of a fire, is as bright as the light of the Sun and is as#radiant as purest gold.

This energy is awakened through#meditation, when all of our latent faculties are awakened…and we attain enlightenment.

True beauty, celestial music, #healingtouch, and the most #compassionate of intentions, all lie within.

Simply turn inward. You will then find that you are "complete", not lacking anything…

This #MusicMonday post was curated and written by an Utopiat friend, the shamanic dj/producer Alex Gardel: http://bit.ly/29Qjukg

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